Koboku-kai is a Suibokuga (India ink painting) group, and in 2015 it has been 40 years since Koboku-kai was established.

You can learn Suibokuga with your modern sense from a beginner to a man of experience.

Whoever has an interest in Suibokuga or Sumie and wants to draw it, Mr. Aida Niki, the president of our group, will teach you Suibokuga very kindly and politely as your experience of it.

Every student has learned Suibokuga with each other in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We also go sketching and hold an annual exhibition every year.



The representative of Kouboku-kai






















2015 Sept.

Aida Niki


Born in Yokohama.

After graduating from university, he studied 

  Suibokuga under his father, the late Aida Kohei.  

  He also learned sketch at Kofu-kai art institute.

Since 1976, he has joined the Modern Suibokuga

  Association (Gendai-Suibokuga-Kyokai) and  

  entered his artworks.

He received Governer’s Award of Tokyo for

  White herons’s scene (Shirasagi-no-Fu).

He received Foreign Minister’s Award for

   Dawn at Inbanuma Swamp  (Inbanuma-Reimei).

Prime Minister’s Award for Condors at Night


He also entered his artworks Japan-France art

  exhibition and received Academy Beaux Arts

  Award, fine work award and so on.

As a part of Yokohama-city’s cultural exchange, he

  went to Mumbai, India in order to hold Suibokuga lessons.

He became one of the funding members of Chaos-kai group, which is modern  

  Suibokuga group. Chaos-kai group has held an exhibition every two years.

He taught at Asahi culture center, Tobu culture center and so on.

He held a solo exhibition at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

Now, he is the president of Koboku-kai group, a member of the Modern Suibokuga

  Association (Gendai-Suibokuga-Kyokai). 


To see his artworks…


The history...




1986 Sept.




1998 Jan.



1999 June


2001 Apr.


2004 Dec.  

2005 May


2008 Mar.


2014 Apr.

2014 Nov.


2015 June


2019 Apr.

The late Aida Kohei established Koboku-kai group.

   The spirit of Koboku-kai was to draw Suibokuga with modern sense and

   develop it more.

14th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   The first collection of paintings was issued.

   Until 22nd exhibition, collections of paintings were issued

   every year.

25th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   The exhibition of the posthumous works by the late Aida

   Kohei was also held. A Collection of paintings was issued.

27th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   A collection of paintings was issued.

30th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   A collection of paintings was issued.

35th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

36th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   A collection of paintings was issued.

40th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   A collection of paintings was issued.

Koboku-kai’s home page was opened. 

45th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   A collection of paintings was issued.

46th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held.  

   40 years have passed since Koboku-kai was established.

49th Koboku-kai’s exhibition was held. 

   A collection of paintings was issued.

The founder of Koboku-kai

















Aida Kohei



Born in Hokkaido.

At first, he learned oil pantings and presented his

  artworks at the Independent Art Association

  (Dokuritsu Bijutsu Kyokai) and joined Kokuga-kai 


As soon as he got to know about Suibokuga  

  artworks in China , he was fascinated with

  spirituality and depth of Suibokuga and he came

  to draw it. 

After the World War , he studied Suibokuga by his own efforts and started 

  Bokusai-kai group, which is later Kouboku-kai group. He became to be known as a

  teacher of Suibokuga inside and outside of Japan. 

He held solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Seattle, Aspen and so on.

He established Koboku-kai group and had taught many people Suibokuga. 

He passed away in 1995.  


He wrote…

Skills of Sumie ~8 series” (in Japanese, Nichi-Bo publishing firm),

Skills of Bokusai and Suiboku” (in Japanese, 1988, Nichi-Bo publishing firm), “Sumi-e Self-taught”(in English),

Japanese Brush Painting in Color”(in English)


To see his artworks…  

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